The Immigration Administration in Istanbul and Ankara has announced that Syrians with work permits or Syrians with a temporary protection card can inquire about the issue of Turkish nationality by reviewing the administration.

The administration must be provided with a temporary protection card, work permit or work permit, with an effective telephone number, for the Department to contact qualified persons.

As for university students, a copy of the study document must be obtained from the university and review of Hall 2

The Turkish President (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) said earlier that his country will grant Turkish nationality to Syrian refugees, in order to allow them to work in legal ways in the Turkish markets.

Erdogan said the Syrians “have a variety of expertise, including doctors, engineers and specialists in various fields.”

“I was in a market in Istanbul today and I saw some Syrians speak fluent Turkish, but I noticed that some of them were working illegally, so we would give them Turkish citizenship so that we would allow them to work legally,” Erdogan said.

Last year, Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim renewed his country’s determination to grant citizenship to Syrian refugees. He added that the government is continuing its study on Syrians who have the conditions of Turkish nationality and who have good university degrees, Of areas.



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