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The monument & Fraud Cases

The office of lawyer Barish Sat is following the cases of monument & Fraud against any person in Turkey and works to collect rights according to the principles of Turkish law and its branches.

Founding companies

The Barish Sat Lawyer’s Office offers full services in establishing companies of all types in Turkey for foreigners legally, with documentation of all commercial contracts.

Issues of nationality and denial of entry

Barish Sat’s office works on the collection of exceptional Turkish nationality under the new laws, as well as removing the ban on entry into Turkey for those with a ban.

Real Estate Issues

The Barish Sat Lawyer’s Office provides the necessary legal follow-up during the purchase of real estate in Turkey so that your matters are regular and duly documented.

About the Lawyer Barish Sat

Lawyer Barish Sat is a graduate of Doğu Akdeniz Universitesi University since 2010.

He began legal practice and deepened legal affairs to have considerable experience during 8 years of working in the corridors of the Palace of Justice.

Lawyer Barish Sat is fluent in and speaks Arabic and works to provide services to foreigners residing in Turkey
To be fully aware of their rights and duties since their first moment on Turkish territory

Why You Must Choose Barish Sat Lawyer?

Ability to speak Arabic, ensuring full understanding of issues.

The lawyer is assigned to the most problematic cases and to the foreigners.

Long experience in Turkish law and foreign transactions.

Ensure that the clients’ affairs are fully legal and orderly.

Testimonials & Latest News

  • Mohammed Rasoul

    It is nice to find in Turkey a lawyer with this great experience in law and issues and speaks the Arabic language is important in explaining and explaining all things.


  • Huda Nasir

    Great experience and excellent treatment by the lawyer and his office, thank you for your efforts and God bless you.


  • Moussa Al-Saleem

    I thank Barish Satt's lawyer office for their experience and honesty in dealing with clients' issues, respect and courtesy.


What do we offer at Barish Sat’s lawyer office?

We offer legal services to foreigners in Turkey by an expert lawyer who speaks Arabic

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