Issues of nationality and denial of entry

Barish Satt’s office works on the collection of exceptional Turkish nationality under the new laws, as well as removing the ban on entry into Turkey for those with a ban.

  • Extraordinary Turkish citizenship

Today, Turkish nationality is granted exceptionally to those who have two things:

  • Owned property worth 250 thousand dollars.
  • The amount of $ 500 thousand is deposited in a Turkish bank.

After that, it is possible to rely on Barish Sat, a lawyer who speaks Arabic, to follow up the application file on citizenship and collect it within a short period in accordance with the new laws.

  • Remove blocking access to Turkey

There are a variety of reasons why a person is prevented from entering Turkey, including exceeding the length of time granted to a person for his stay in Turkey, whether in the entry visa or in residence, or for those who entered Turkey illegally or who are proven to be a threat to security and public order.

In some cases and others, a person needs a lawyer specializing in this order to remove the ban from entering Turkey.

This is one of the services of Barishat’s lawyer office, which speaks Arabic, which ensures that the details of the matter and details between the client and the lawyer are easy and easy.